We still need to rest and recharge. Now more than ever. But with many of the things we usually do now being out of bounds, here are three things which capture the heart of what we love about holidays which we can still try from home.

1) Re-member

Spend some time looking back. Use a journal to help you. Consider going through old "keepsakes" or photographs. Use the energy that flows from that to reach out to an old friend, or say a prayer for a loved one. Reconnect with people who love you, not people who hurt you. 

2) Re-create 

Spend some time doing things you don't normally do. Rest looks different for different people. High energy types might need something physical to do such as gardening, painting, or starting a new project. 

3) Re-fresh

Treat yourself. Do the things you would normally do on holiday, like enjoying good food and drink. Splash out. Go a little over the top. It's your holiday at home after all. 

Written by Christa Brodie-Levinsohn with some inspiration drawn from Mark Buchanan's book, The Rest of God

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